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The 4th Askot-Arakot Abhiyan has entered its last leg of 45 days, 1,000Km long PADYATRA of Uttarakhand. Having walked through 16 BUGYALs, 20 KHARAKs (CHHANIs), 350 villages and crossed over 30 rivers, today the ABHIYAN today is reaching at NAUGAON in Uttarkashi district.

Mountaineer Padma Shree Chandra Prabha Eatwal welcome the team in Uttarakashi (UK) and hosted dinner on June 29. Mr. Rajesh Joshi of the BBC Hindi Service, once again caught up the latest to update the BBC’s presentation on the ABHIYAN. It was on a day when VARUNAWAT kept falling on the town of UK. Dr. Shamsher S Bisht (member of 1974 Team) and his team from Almora is joining at PUROLA, Dr. Girija Pandey and his team from Nainital is resuming his Yatra at Naugaon today. A big group is likely to join from Dehradun before the closing ceremony takes place at the Govt. Inter College ARAKOT (the last village of UK near Himachal border) at 10AM on July 8. The team has emerged quite big in size now.

The findings of the study, observations, changes that have taken place over the years in these villages, jungles, rivers, mountains and outcome of the ABHIYAN will be documented by PAHAR. These findings will be submitted to the respective departments, district H/Q, UA Govt. and others.

I have posted letters to all the participants from 1974 onwards (Over 300 persons) to share their experience, comments, suggestions, photos etc. which will be compiled as Askot-Arakot SPECIALs by the weekly, fort-nightly and monthly magazines being published by various agencies, individuals and organisations. PAHAR believes that this would work as an alternative media for awareness of this campaign.

PAHAR will also bring out a documentary in a CD form as soon as possible.

– Chandan Dangi