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Uttarakhand Rape Case Update

NEW DELHI: YEARS before Gujarat became a damning case of state complicity in violence, there was Muzaffarnagar. An incident that was the turning point in the political history of Uttaranchal; a catalyst in the eventual formation of the state.

On the night of October 1, 1994, activists of the Uttaranchal movement, on their way to a rally in Delhi, were stopped at Rampur Tiraha in Muzaffarnagar. The police opened fired. Eighteen people were reported dead or missing — and there were allegations of rape and molestation. [more]

Devyani Oniyal has covered the infamous Muzaffarnagar Rape case and atrocities on Uttarakhandi rallyists on Oct. 01, 1994. This is for the first time that 10 years old pending cases of Uttarakhand Movement are taken up at the National level that too by the Indian Express Group.

“Nainital Samachar” intend to bring out a Special Issue on the LEGAL SYSTEM in India and PERCEPTION of the JUDICIAL matters by the youngsters and experts. In this respect, those who would like to submit their comments, reaction, write-up can send it to

It may be noted that Rajiv Lochan Shah, Editor of NS had written an open letter to the President of Indian on this issue earlier last year. But, nothing has come out of it as yet. Members should also send their feedback to the Indian Express so that it can be brought up to the notice of the Courts. It can also help expedite the hearing and settlement of pending cases in different courts.

– Chandan Dangi