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Update on Udham Singh Nagar Land Usurpations

Rajiv Rawat, September 2004

I have recently received news about an old issue that was covered on the uttarakhand web site over 4 years ago. VB Rawat, an old colleague and human rights activist, just informed me that a supreme court judgement has ordered the Uttaranchal government to evacuate a parcel of land belonging to Dalit communities that was usurped by an industrial house in Udham Singh Nagar district.

As you may remember, statehood was originally held up by opposition from big landowners living in Udham Singh Nagar. The government at the time bent over backwards to placate the community which has settled Udham Singh Nagar in the last 40 years, mainly through the illegal acquisition of land and dispossession of the original tribal inhabitants. [more]