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Oct, 18, 2004 saw a very big rally at Gairsain. This was the largest gathering since the movement intesified on Oct. 02, 2004. The rally was attended by over 1,000 people including the newly elected MLA from Dwarahat Mr. Pushpesh Tripathi.

Today, the police force came to lift Mrs. Kamla Sah on her 10th day of fast unto death but failed. Meanwhile, a local activist from Gairsain has announced that she will replace Kamlaji if she was forced to break her fast. Mrs. Chandrakala Bisht in the meanwhile has reportedly continued fasting at Gopeshwar hospital, where she is being treated.

In the meantime, Shri Ravi Kiran Jain, President of PUCL, UP visited Nainital and held legal consultations with the activists, including Sh. D S Rawat. Since, the HC is off to work for Dussehra, he will be back with complete records, documents and evidences to challenge the relevance of setting up the Justice Dixit Comm, by the UA Govt. on permanent capital of the hill state.

Fortunately or un-fortunately, Mr. N D Tewari has been reported as saying that if the Congress High Command orders, he is ready to take the reins of Uttar Pradesh. A person aversed to creation of hill state, who can not diffentiate between Uttarakhand and UP, even after rulling for over 3 years should vacate the chair of CM sooner than later.

– Chandan Dangi