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The Hindu (2005.3.10): Inequalities in job distribution

Our Staff Correspondent

DEHRA DUN, MARCH 9. A large number of women from Uttaranchal, who crusaded for creation of the hill State and faced police brutalities, are sore with the Narain Dutt Tiwari Government for having neglected them and handing over all Government jobs to the male activists.

“The State was born due to our efforts and the men have been preferred for the reward in an economy where women play a more important role. Why,” asks Sushila Baluni, the firebrand activist who led the movement. She wonders what the Government meant by giving jobs to only five women activists while 120 men had been “blessed” with jobs.

Reena Sajwan, another activist, said the male-dominated political and bureaucratic machineries had insulted the womenfolk by not giving them an equal number of jobs. [more]