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ANI (2005.9.11): Uttaranchal residents up in arms against disposal of biomedical waste in open

Jolly Grant | September 11, 2005 8:22:32 PM IST

The improper disposal of bio-medical waste in the open has made the people of this tiny hamlet protest against the state government.

Residents of Jolly Grant, about 27 kilometres from state capital Dehradun, have complained that the Himalayan Institute Hospital was burning its bio-medical waste in the open, leading to the emission of poisonous smoke into the atmosphere.

Improper disposal of mercury was increasing the chances of neurological and mutation disorders, they said. Residents have alleged that the chemical waste from the hospital was also being drained into water streams used for irrigation, washing and for cattle.

“The medical waste of the Himalayan Institute keeps flowing in the water stream. They also burn the medical wastes in the open and our rooms are filled with the smoke and we have problem in breathing. All the chemical waste like medicines etc are drained into the stream here,” said Sunder Singh Bhandari, a local resident. [more]