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Kunwar Prasoon, Veteran Activist & Journalist is No More

Uttarakhand Solidarity Network mourns the loss of Kunwar Prasoon, one of the leading lights of Uttarakhand’s many social movements. His life-long dedication to the cause of his people extended to all areas including his ground breaking expose (along with Sunil Kainthola) on bonded labour and sex trade in Jaunsar-Bawar, to his deep involvement in Chipko, the Tehri Dam struggle, and in recent years, the Khataldi mining struggle, as well as the Askot-to-Arakot Abhiyan of 2004 when he became one of the few people to undertake the journey all four times since 1964. His enduring contribution to the Beej Bachao Andolan along with his good friend Vijay Jardhari has done more for rejuvenating interest in our agricultural heritage than any other endeavour and has been a great inspiration for the entire food security and biodiversity movement.

Some of his words can be found here: [ link 1 | link 2 | link 3 | link 4 ]

Below is the intro to Garhwal Post’s tribute to Prasoon, whose passing away remains an incalculable loss for all of Uttarakhand and India.

Kunwar Prasoon: ‘Encyclopedia’ of Garhwal is no more

By Raju Gusain
Garhwal Post 17 July 2006

Dehradun, 16 July: Renowned journalist, writer and social activist Kunwar Prasoon (55) passed away at village Khadi in Tehri on Saturday. He leaves behind his wife and three children.

The cremation took place on Sunday in Rishikesh. A sizeable number of people gathered to pay homage to this great son of the soil who always fought for the cause of the hill people.

With his tragic death a glorious era of rural journalism in Uttaranchal comes to an end. As a social activist, Prasoon was a part of important movements in Tehri and its neighbouring areas. He played a key role in the famous Chipko agitation. In fact, he was a key member in all the campaigns after the ‘70s in Garhwal – anti-liquor, Sarvodaya, anti-Philanda and Tehri Dam movements – to mention a few. Vijay Jardhari and Kunwar Prasoon along with fellow farmers had also launched the unique ‘Beej Bachao Andolan.’ [more]