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Bhojpatra on verge of extinction

D H News Service, Dehra Dun:
Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bhojpatra, a unique tree having tremendous medicinal qualities, is on the verge of extinction at Gangotri forests in Uttarakhand thanks to its massive uprooting.

Compounding the problem, thousands of Kanwarias, pouring into Gangotri to collect Ganga water are also wrecking heavy damage to the Bhojpatra forests.

Environmentalists are now calling for a complete ban on the collection of Bhojpatra also known as Himalayan birch from Gangotri where its trees are vanishing fast.

‘Save Bhojpatra’

“Bhojpatra of Gangotri has vanished absolutely. Bhojbhasa, a place at Gangotri area, has been devoid of Bhojpatra forests and live juniper bushes have been charred for collecting fuel,” says Harshwanti Bisht, an environmentalist, who has launched “save Bhojpatra” campaign.[more]