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Water crisis this summer in Dehradun

Tribune, Dehradun, March 16

This summer, water may become a scarce commodity for the people of Uttarakhand. Due to poor management of water resources, haphazard growth and erratic rain several areas are already reeling under acute water shortage.

The problem may be aggravated in months to come. As many as 92 urban and 395 rural areas in the state are likely to face the heat. In all, 487 areas are in the red and in most, taps may run dry this summer.

The Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan has prepared a survey on the areas likely to face water shortage. In Dehradun, the urban areas that may face water scarcity are 40 and those in rural areas 125.

The rising gap in demand and supply is proving a problem and the government has taken several measures to handle it. In the last five years, water supply has been increased by 40 mld. The demand fluctuates to 275 mld in the summer months. [more]