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The Dixit Commission Report: Is it really relevant?

Nitin Pandey
July 26, 2009

Uttarakhand was formed because of popular sentiments. India achieved its freedom because of it’s people wanted freedom. If commissions were set up to decide on either of these, India may not have been independent or Uttarakhand may never have been formed.

It is undeniable, that barring a small minority, an overwhelming majority of residents of Uttarakhand do not want Dehra Dun be Uttarakhand’s Capital. Even most of Doonites wish the Capital would move elsewhere. The only sections of society which insists that Dehra Dun be the permanent capital are the real estate dealers, bureaucrats and the leaders of the two National Parties in Uttarakhand. The fight over the issue of Capital is therefore not between Garhwali’s and Kumaoni’s or between the people staying in hills or plains, as vested interests tend to portray, it is rather between the entire local population and the high and mighty. [more]