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National Election Study 2009

Results from the National Election Study for the 2009 parliamentary elections have been aggregated and analyzed by Dr. Annpurna Nautiyal of Garhwal University. Charts of some of the salients points have been drafted and are shown below:


The previous Tiwari government was marginally more popular than the Khanduri government midway through its term in office:

Khanduri was still by far the most popular choice for CM in the state. His name recognition alone seemed to be far greater than other top politicians.

Which Party is Better for Handling Various Issues?

Despite Khanduri’s popularity, the people perceived the Congress governments at the state and centre as substantially better on the issues.


Nautiyal, A. (2009). Uttarakhand: Congress Outperforms Its Opponent. Economic and Political Weekly, 44(39), 194-195.

Abstract: The difference in the proportion of votes polled by the Congress which won a majority of seats in the assembly and the BJP which came a poor second is small enough to prompt a more serious inquiry into the voting behaviour of the electorate in this new state.

This study was conducted in collaboration with the Lokniti, CSDS, Delhi with the financial support received from the University Grants Commission under the major research project on “A Behaviourial Study of Political Attitudes and Opinion in Uttarakhand”. The survey was conducted amongst 771 people in the state of Uttarakhand.

Annpurna Nautiyal ( is with the Department of Political Science, HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar Garhwal, Uttarakhand.