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Results of RTI Lok Seva Survey

The results of the wide-ranging RTI-Lok Seva survey that gathered the population’s impressions of each of Uttarakhand’s past chief ministers, have been released ahead of the 11 anniversary of statehood.

Over 300,000 residents in all 13 districts were surveyed in partnership with 31 participating NGOs over a period of a year (November 9, 2010 – October 31, 2011). Respondents were asked about the performance of each chief minister on a number of issues.

Some salient points include:

  • Overall, B.C. Khanduri was rated as most popular of the chief ministers, but Congress was rated better at delivering actual results for the state.
  • B.C. Khanduri was picked by 80% of respondents as their favoured CM out of the six that have served Uttarakhand since 2000 (Nityanand Swami, BS Koshiyari, Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank of the BJP and former Chief Minister ND Tiwari of Congress). He was also seen as best able to tackle corruption and crime.
  • However, a 66.7% respondents acknowledge that Khanduri had not received support from even his own party.
  • In terms of development, N.D. Tiwari was the clear frontrunner, with 73.3% approval. Tiwari also earned 46.67% approval for putting in place a system as envisaged by the statehood movement.
  • Ramesh Pokhriyal earned 33.3% approval for coordinating employees and teachers.
  • Both the BJP and Congress were seen as having failed to curb corruption in the state by 60% of respondents.
  • While 40% believed that the Congress administration had achieved successes with rural development, rural jobs, and infrastructure development, only 20% of respondents claimed the same for the BJP.