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Delimitation pushed down the road

The results of the assembly elections have thrown up some unexpected results. Believed to be heading to victory in the plains, the Congress in fact underperformed, bagging only 9 to the BJP’s 17 seats. However, despite severe dissidence arising from improper seat distribution, the Congress managed to win 23 seats to the BJP’s 14 in the hills. With the Congress staking a claim to government, that number rises to 27 with the addition of the Independent and UKD legislators, or a 3:1 hills vs. plains ratio and pushing the much feared effects of seat delimitation down the road. As such, the possibility of a hills-oriented government is much stronger with Congress. However, if the BJP were to form a government, the opposite would be true, with a government dominated by legislators from Dehradun, Haridwar, and Udham Singh Nagar.