The Uttarakhand Movement: The Struggle Continues Uttarakhand’s Women Carry the Torch The People’s Voice A Capital Question: Gairsain, Gairsain From Devbhumi to Dambhumi? Hope for a New Generation? Remembering Our True Heroes Fighting for the Future

A Long Commitment

supporting people's movements

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Conceived in 1997 as Uttarakhand's first pioneering website, monitored and documented Uttarakhand's changing social, environmental, and political landscape for almost twenty years before ending all further work in 2016.

A Research Agenda

past, present, and future

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The site's library of documents, news articles, videos, maps, and photos has been kept available to tell the real story of Uttarakhand, not just the abode of gods as it is known throughout India, but of men and women struggling to survive and thrive in the Himalayan highlands.

A Critical Voice

digging beyond the headlines

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After twenty years of Uttarakhand statehood, the need for a non-partisan watchdog role is greater than ever.

From the Library

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  • Askot to Arakot: A Himalayan Journey
    Askot to Arakot: A Himalayan Journey
  • Suicide?
  • Master Map
    Master Map

The News Archive

news and commentary from 1991 to 2016 Read the Archive

Uttarakhand crisis: Centre versus State is now Court versus Centre

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