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Uttarakhand Revisited

A year after Muzaffarnagar, the movement has lost its way.

Ishan Joshi
Outlook Magazine, Oct 18, 1995

IN a once sleepy hamlet in Garhwal’s Chamoli district exactly a year after Uttarakhand activists were raped and killed by Uttar Pradesh police personnel on October 2, 1994, Kailash Devi resolutely ignores repeated messages from Gopeshwar, the district headquarters, asking her to participate in an event marking the anniversary of that black day.

For her it is a time to look back in anger at the brutal assault and rape by the guardians of the law.

“I feel humiliated and, of course, I am bitter,” she says. “But my anger is directed as so-called colleagues in the Uttarakhand movement as the perpetrators of the crime.” [more]