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Hills of Sorrow

By Meera Rawat

IN Kandai, Pauri, Basanti Devi, who is about 50 years old now, has been fighting for the future of mountain folk. She has been among the active women participants in all the rallies in the Uttarakhand region. She has crossed the boundary of her farm and fields to traverse the road of protest in cities. She nurtures the hope that the load of mountain life would be a little easier, at least for the generations to come.

It’s been eight years since. Time has changed a lot and so have many things with it. Circumstances have changed, aspirations have changed. Now that zeal is no longer there. Political mischievousness handed over Uttaranchal where Uttarakhand was due. Though this new state has entered the second year of its infancy but the Uttarakhand of the dreams of Basanti Devi and thousands like her still remains a dream. For them nothing has changed. If at all, their desperation and frustration has only worsened. Basanti Devi is not the only one who has been sad during these two years of the formation of the state. She is a mere representative of those womenfolk who are known as the fulcrum of life in the higher reaches. [more]