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Furore over Baba Uttarakhandi’s death

Swati Vashishtha
Tribune News Service, Dehradun, August 10

The death of Baba Uttarakhandi on the 39the day of his fast has caused the issue of shifting the capital from Dehradun to Gairsain to resurface in the state. The opposition joined hands to make the statewide bandh over the issue effective today. With public outcry over the death of the fasting leader across the state and political protests hotting up, the government finds itself in a tight spot.

The Opposition, together with the organisations supporting the Uttarakhand movement, burnt effigies of Chief Minister N.D. Tiwari, blocked traffic and staged demonstrations at various places in Dehradun. Banks, government and non-governmental offices apart from business establishments and shops remained closed.

Social activist Brinda Karat said on behalf of the CPM that Baba’s death was a shocking example of arrogance of power shown by the government. The BJP is equally to blame for the public outcry because it was in its regime that Dehradun was made the capital and the state was named Uttaranchal. [more]