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UNESCO: Reflections on Community Radio from the Hills of Uttaranchal

Contributed by Sanjay Tewari

“It has been an interesting journey into the world of Radio – to see how it speaks, what it does, how people can use it to put forth their views to raise new debates. I have learnt some fascinating lessons in community participation thanks to my involvement in [community radio] processes”, writes Jagdai Rawat, a social activist and elder member of Raibar Community Radio, when asked to share her experience.

Since May of 2004, five community radio groups – four in Garhwal, in the western part of the state, and one in Kumaon, in the east – have been engaged in a research initiative looking at grassroots media and poverty. The groups operate with the assistance of Himalaya Trust, an NGO based in Dehra Dun with support from UNESCO.

What is it about community radio that inspires and motivates people to come together, despite varied backgrounds and interests, and work towards creating a shared platform of media resources for their communities? [more]