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ANI (2004.10.23): Uttaranchal villagers near hydel project on hunger strike

[India News]: Agar (Uttaranchal), Oct. 23 : Villagers living near a controversial dam are on hunger strike protesting the high tension power lines which pass over their houses and fields.

The 800 kilo watt wires are to transmit power to northern Indian towns after the Tehri dam in Uttaranchal becomes functional. Hundreds of these cables crisscross over nearly a dozen villages.

Locals say after failed attempts to get proper rehabilitation from the authorities, there was no way but to sit for strike. [more]

1 Comment to ANI (2004.10.23): Uttaranchal villagers near hydel project on hunger strike

  1. Anonymous

    Devesh in his message offers an alternative to the destructive way the lines are being erected, with clearfelling happening along the transmission corridor:

    The 800 kiloVolt Transmission Line shall cut a wide swathe of forests and countless trees besides occupying the scarce land of local communities. If these Power Grid people had an iota of concern for the forests and the survival necessities of affected villages they could have gone in with “Covered Conductors”, which require very narrow and small towers besides having been developed by environmentally conscious people of Finland. As the term suggests, “Covered Conductors” do not require this mass slaughter of trees. These conductors offer protection against accidents and won’t kill elephants. Also the Finns have designed aesthetically designed Towers for these conductors that don’t spoil the scenic beauty.

    This suggestion has been given to Uttaranchal Government but these people don’t read. As for the Power Authorities they are suspect from the time of the Jain Hawala Kand when a Power Contractor was traced to having Hawala Links used by Kasmir Terrorists.

    Most important the Tehri Dam electricity going into the Grid at Muradnagar near Meerut is going to suffer almost 50% “line-loss” – a euphemism for theft so what do the Hill people get out of it in the end?

    The trouble is people in Uttarakhand don’t read letters or even messages so if something is to come out of this campaign, this bit of information must find some response.

    — devesh pant “ratnagiri”