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NK (2004.10.24): Tehri Dam project work stalled, villagers refuse evacuation

[India News]: Dehradun, Oct 24 : Work at the Tehri hydroelectric project has been stalled as villagers, unhappy with their rehabilitation package, refuse evacuation. While most of old Tehri has already been submerged, a few pockets still remain inhabited and their closure is absolutely essential for Tehri’s first power grid to be operational by 2005.

Dam officials have been rallying for over two months to finally block tunnel two, which will allow submerge the remaining areas and allow generation of electricity for the 1000 MW grid. They have been forced to stop work as locals have refused the budge after negotiations failed. Authorities said the families will be given temporary accommodation before being shifted to permanent houses besides the stipulated monetary compensation but villagers say their new quarters are poorly built, lack facilities and the compensation money is far too little. [more]