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The movement for Gairsain as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand has continued into its second month. However, the new month brings new dangers as a section of media and a set of mean-minded opportunistic political agents (I do not call them leaders, because they do not have the leadership qualities) are trying to make use of the struggle and sacrifices by the Mahila Manch activists.

Shri. Rajendra Dhasmana visited Gairsain on Nov. 6 and I also accompanied him. Smt. Kamla Farswan, 65-years-old activist was on her 17th day of fasting. Her health condition was not good, but it was not reflecting on her face. She was certainly in need of medical help, hence was taken to Gopeshwar hospital by the Admn. She is the 6th women to have been shifted from the hunger site. Mrs. Govindi Devi Pant, has completed 9 days of fasting. Noted journalist Shri. Harish Chandola decided to support the Manch and is sitting on a 3-day strike. Dr. Shamsher Singh Bisht will also join the hunger strike from Nov. 26. Hence, it may well hurt the sentiments of those who are trying to fizzle out the 2nd revolution for Uttarakhand.

Interestingly, there was a big rally called by the Uttarakhand Jan Sangarsh Morcha and Mahila Manch on Nov. 6. It was widely attended by almost all the political parties. There was sizable gathering of 70+, but due to different motives and ideologies of the parties, no conclusion was made after the meeting/rally. Hence, they have decided to hold a bigger rally in Dehradun on the 16th.

Even though the Govt. has not taken any initiatives or one can say ignored the month long movement, the leaders of Congress and other parties, passing through Gairsain on their trips of the PAHAD are calling on the agitators. The lastest among them was Mr. Prathivraj Chauhan, who spent 25 minutes with the activists before attending the official Sports function at Gairsain on Nov. 06, 2004.

2 Comments to GAIRSAIN UPDATE (Nov. 8)

  1. AS far as I could see, I find this the CAPITAL issue only POLITICAL. Instead of working for development, we are fighting for the issues which will solve no problmes except for fulfilling the policitcal needs of the few politicans.

    Dehradun is a well developed city best suited for being the CAPITAL while we will have to spent much on Gairsain on the development of infrastructure only.

  2. Anonymous

    from : Rajender Singh Rawat, New Delhi, ph 09350572056

    I do agree with peoples who feel the capital should Garisen instead of Deheradun. Deheradun being already developed not fully but upto a great extent, we require other part of the state are equally developed. This will happen only when the capital moves to Garisen. The reason behind this I feel is that the location is in the centre of the state. The govt. will be compled to develop all the routes leading to the capital and have to develop the new routes to reach it. Once the leaders starts leaving in hills they will know the problems much better. Once the development starts in the centre of the state it will spread to whole region. >
    In the country were billons/trillion of rupees are being pocketed by leaders/burocats/govt. officials etc. then what is the problem of those Uttrakhandies who do not want few penny to be used for our state, its development and development of peoples.

    Please please…. do not urgue on it any more! let’s be united and allow what ever our poor state and its peoples get from the govt./centre govt. Let us help ourselves, this work is not for any outsider but for our peoples, our land and to allow us to live in a developed states.