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NK (2004.11.06): Tehri Dam oustees complain of heart diseases

[India News]: Tehri, Nov.5 : Hundreds of relocated Tehri residents are unable to adapt to the high altitude and have complained about suffering from complicated heart and respiratory disorders.

Forty eight-year-old Lakhiram Bhadri, now a heart patient, said his health has deteriorated ever since they shifted to the new township.

“I have developed a heart problem. There was a no such problem when we were living in Old Tehri. They say that since we have come to the upper reaches we are prone to such problems. Earlier we used to live in plains but here we have to climb up and down,” said ailing Bhadri.

Over 200 people were examined at a recently organised medical camp in the area and majority of people were found to be suffereing from heart diseases and 90 percent had high blood pressure.

P.C. Ramola, Chief Medical Officer, New Tehri region said the sudden spurt in heart ailments is due to the high altitude. [more]