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CPI(M)’s Second State Conference In Uttarakhand

THE second state conference of Uttarakhand CPI(M) was held at Rishikesh on 15 and 16 January. The venue of the conference was the Rishikesh Town Hall which was named Nayanar Nagar in memory of Comrade E K Nayanar. The entire town and chiefly the Haridwar – Badrinath route was decorated with party festoons, flags and posters. Arrangements for the stay of the delegates were made at two large Dharamshalas where gates in memory of D P Bhatt, a DCM of Dehra Dun and S R Sharma of the IDPL were made.


The formal opening of the conference was preceded by an impressive public meeting at the local Mukherji Chawk, where hundreds of women, peasants, youth, students and working men participated despite the extreme winter weather and rain. There were peasants from the western most part of the state, the Jamuna valley and students from 10 districts where the party has extended its reach since the First Conference. The rally reflected the composite character of the state in terms of communities, nationalities and religions amid the preponderance of the Uttarakhandis. [more]