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Detailed Maps of Uttarakhand

The following maps were recently designed by Rajiv Rawat for educational purposes. They build on maps previously designed for the web site over the past decade. They are offered here free of charge, although creditation to the Uttarakhand.Net would be much appreciated.

  • Historical Map (2005)
    An artistic and highly detailed look at the historical development of the Uttarakhand region and beyond. Annotated with points of interest and key events. Great for educational purposes (large file).
  • General Map (2006)
    A sketch of Uttarakhand with all the major cities, parks, and rivers. Great for general purpose use.
  • Forests Map (2004)
    Mainly serves to illustrate jurisdictional diversity in forest governance by district.
  • Population Map (2004)
    Provides district level data of the 2001 census count and sex ratios.
  • Linguistic Map (2004)
    Shows the relationships between the diverse dialects spoken throughout the Central Himalayas. Based on Grierson’s original linguistic survey of 1916.
  • Development Map (2006)
    A recently compiled sketch of all the major hydroelectric project and industrial park sites in the state.
  • Relief Map (2004)
    Provides basic relief contours that illustrate the fragmented terrain of the hills.
  • Indian States Map (2006)
    Basic outlines of states updated to 2000 state reorganization boundaries.
  • Assembly Delimitation Map (2006)
    Basic outlines of all 70 state assembly seats according to 2001 delimitation.
  • Development Bloc Map (2006)
    Basic outlines of development blocs, colour coded according to district.

more to come…

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