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IANS (2006.5.16): Kempty Falls, Mussoorie's pride, loses charm

Mussoorie (Uttaranchal): It is a breathtaking waterfall amid picturesque hilly surroundings, a must see for visitors and in fact a great tourist draw, but scores of food stalls are eroding the beauty of Kempty Falls, making it a dumping ground for their waste.

Once an abode of tranquillity, the falls, located 15 km from Mussoorie, are polluted with plastic bags, bottles, paper scraps, food residues and litter from restaurants and shops around it. Tourists complain that government negligence and the greed of shopkeepers are degrading nature’s wonder.

“This is in a very bad shape compared to what it was three years ago. The shops are using it as a wash basin and they do not hesitate to throw waste in the water,” said Dilbagh Singh, who drove from Ambala to Mussoorie with his son and wife. “Earlier, we used to come to Kempty to relax and rejuvenate our minds. This time the foul smell is forcing tourists like us to stay away,” Singh told IANS.


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  1. Anonymous

    My family/clan is from a village Sainji, just 2kms ahead of Kempty falls. Its comes in my village’s Gharam Sabha. I have seen it its glory,when there was no motorable road to it from Mussoorie.It didn’t pipe 80% of the water to drink in the city.A wooden plank/rope bridge was there to crss it. I am very sad to hear about its polluted condition. I will contact my relatives in the village & ask them to do the needful. Specially as some of them are shopkeeper’s at kempty falls. Jaunpur Rawae