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IANS (2006.8.24):At long last, Uttaranchal to be renamed Uttarakhand

Congress ran and won the state assembly elections in 2002 on the platform of changing the name of Uttaranchal back to Uttarakhand. It has taken four years, and the nearing end of their mandate to effect the name change. But better late than never. As noted by the song Nauchami Nairana, Uttarakhand is back in vogue. Of course the hard work remains, but industrial activity is running full speed in the state despite all the other shortcomings of the government.

Uttaranchal to be renamed as Uttarakhand

Indo-Asian News Service
New Delhi, August 24, 2006

In a significant decision, the Cabinet on Thursday initiated the process to change the name of the state “Uttaranchal” to “Uttarakhand”, meeting the long pending demand of the state government.

“The Uttaranchal (Alternation of Name) Bill, 2006 will be submitted to the President for referring it to the state legislature of Uttaranchal for expressing its views,” said an official statement.

After receiving views of the state assembly, the bill will be introduced in the Parliament.