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NDTV: Uttarakhand NGO helps voters decide

So much for clean and transparent government — 11 BJP Candidates have criminal records, 7 for the Samajwadi Party, and 6 for Congress.

By Aradhana Sharma for NDTV
Wednesday, February 14, 2007 (Dehradun):

NDTV has joined hands with the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) to help citizens make an informed choice.

ADR is a nationwide citizens’ initiative where the common man and eminent citizens have come together to demand candidates who have a clean record and who are committed to public service.

The campaign helps citizens know everything about the candidate including assets, education and criminal record.

Pavan Rana, who heads an NGO called Experiments in Rural Advancement in Uttarakhand is experimenting with possible answers. He is trying to make all data on poll contestants in his home state public and thinks it is the common man’s duty to scan for the criminal and then make a more informed choice. [more]