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Social organisations release “People’s Manifesto”

By Our Staff Reporter
Garhwal Post, February 11, 2007

DEHRADUN, 10 Feb: A “People’s Manifesto” prepared by various social organisations working in Uttarakhand was released at a press conference here on Saturday. The manifesto was prepared after carrying out a survey at various places in different districts.

The societies lead by Surendra Bhai said that today’s polices needs to be centered around the Himalayas. It was here that agencies of nature played an important role in maintaining nature’s balance in the whole of the South Asian region, affecting even Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries.

The document warns that in the era of globalisation and privatisation, the domestic policies of the government were being influenced adversely.

The representatives of the societies said they had circulated the demands of the public to all the political parties of the state. Out of these, only the UKD had included these demands in its manifesto.

It was said that the policies being adopted had not succeeded in changing the condition of the people in India. The societies have also decided to hold demonstrations in support of their demands as soon as the new government is formed, so that people oriented polices could be formulated.

Also present on the occasion were Dr Atul Sharma, Nagendra Datt, Mukesh Bahuguna, Prem Badhani, Himla Behan and Prem Panchauli.