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BS: New govn't to favour small dams

Business Standard
/ New Delhi / Dehra Dun March 23, 2007

The new Uttarakhand government is likely to give preference to small dams over big ones like Tehri in its new policy guidelines for the power sector. This could mean the death-knell for the 6,480 Mw Pancheswhar project.

An indication to this effect was given by Chief Minister BC Khanduri, who also advocated a separate rehabilitation policy.

“We may not go for big dams, which create rehabilitation problems. We will go for small hydel projects,” said Khanduri.

Khanduri’s statement comes in the wake of the Centre spending Rs 10,000 crore for building the Tehri dam, which saw the submergence of the old Tehri town as well as nearly 125 villages in the reservoir.

The rehabilitation problem of the Tehri dam has not yet been settled, with the state government seeking a fresh package for this.

This policy will be in line with that of the previous ND Tiwari government, which also gave preference to small dams. [more]