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Decentralise power to gram sabhas: Kamala Pant

Garhwal Post, April 27, 2007

DEHRADUN, 26 Apr: With a view to establishing a better political structure and making decentralisation of power a reality in Uttarakhand, the Uttarakhand Mahila Manch would organise a conference here on 30 April.

“Regional parties have failed to deliver on the very issues around which they were formed,” said Manch Convenor Kamala Pant. “We would like to come forward as a third front and make the Gram Sabha the focus of political decentralisation in the state.”

Speaking to the media at the press club, today, Pant said the state had seen many protests on a number of occasions, which were all issued based. “Today, we again need such agitations for revolutionising the political structure of the state,” she asserted. “We need to hand over power to the people and this is possible only if the Gram Sabha becomes the centre of power. Only then would the people be able to take their own decisions and work according to their needs.”

On 30 April, all the like minded parties and individuals of the state would gather to decide their further strategy, she announced.

When asked whether the Manch was planning to contest the upcoming Nagar Nigam elections, she said that they were in no hurry to fight elections as grabbing power was not there intention. They wished to form a third front that would benefit the local people. And, for this, the Manch would emphasise that better leaders be selected and elected.