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High-rise building a threat for people in seismic-prone Dehradun

By Asheesh Goel /

Dehradun, July 29: With an increasing number of locals in Uttarakhand vying each other for high-rise buildings, the lives of several people in Dehradun, are under threat as the region lies in the earthquake prone zone. Officials with the Geological Survey of India have observed that unavailability of land is the root cause of the problem. As such, there has been excessive vertical expansion for the construction of houses and other buildings.

Dr P. C. Nawani, Director of Geological Survey of India in Dehradun, said. “Since land is not available, multi-storeyed buildings are being made. The evaluation about where there should be multi-storeyed, single-storeyed or green belt has been made in the reports. If an earthquake occurs, the areas likely to be affected have been stated.”According to Minister for Disaster Management, Diwakar Bhatt, constructions at the village outskirts that are not under seismic zone cause much disaster to the areas during earthquakes. [more]