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Scars of development

Combat Law, September-October 2007

After getting full statehood in November 2000, Uttarakhand has become even easier target for the vested interests of private entrepreneurs in collusion with the political leadership of the state, reveals Suresh Nautiyal.

This monsoon, as we moved closer to Gangotari from the holy town of Uttarkashi, the hum of demon-sized machines, bulldozing sounds of construction vehicles, and dynamite explosions became as perennial as the river Bhagirathi down below the serpentine and muddy road. The dusk was already drawing its dark shades amidst uninterrupted drizzling. The bewildered driver of our vehicle was silently and fearfully negotiating the sharp and unexpected bends even as the friends (two of them from southern India) with me seemed wondering if the nature was being exploited in the crudest manner. And the machines, construction vehicles and deafening dynamite explosions were self-explaining.

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Uttarakhand: Scars of Development