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Uttarakhand says no to big hydro power projects

Steel Guru, June 16, 2008

As the save Bhagirathi campaign gathers momentum with Mr GD Agrawal, a top environmentalist, beginning his fast unto death, the Uttarakhand government said that it is not in favor of constructing big hydel projects. A state government spokesman said that the government would permit the construction of only run of the river projects and that it was against the Tehri type dams.

Mr Agrawal’s move came in the wake of a series of protests by local people, who are on the verge of being uprooted at several places following the construction of these dams. The dams include 480 MW Pala Maneri, 304 MW Maneri Bhali Phase 11, 600 MW Lohari Nagpala, 400 MW Koteshwar, 381 MW Bhairon Ghati and 200 MW Jad Ganga. [more]