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U’khand Parivartan Abhiyan holds meet in Ramnagar

By Our Staff Reporter
Garhwal Post, August 4, 2008

Ramnagar, 3 Aug: The Uttarakhand Parivartan Abhiyan has held a two day political meeting in Ramnagar. The main aim of the meeting was to build a political alternative in the state.
The Central Convener of the Abhiyan, PC Tiwari, addressed the meeting and said that the Congress, BJP and UKD were responsible for the poor condition of the state. There existed, at the present, a political vacuum in the state. So, the Abhiyan would participate in the coming Panchayat elections and try to establish a government of the people.

Prabhat Dhyani said that the Abhiyan would struggle with the help of democratic powers to change the faulty system in the state. Convener Pratap Singh said that the Abhiyan would participate not just in the Panchayat but also the Parliamentary elections, thereby building a new political alternative in the state.

The Uttarakhand Parivartan Abhiyan has adopted proposals at the meeting such as participation in the elections with the slogan of ‘Panchayat Nahi Gram Sarkar Chahiye’, to stop the exploitation of social and political activists, stop the big hydel projects, decentralisation of government for the establishment of three tier democracy. It would also ask the BJP government to issue a white paper on crime and accidents in the state.

Govind Lal Verma, Raghu Tiwari, Sudama Sarkar, Hem Chandra Joshi, Prem Shankar, Devendra Kumar, Koshal Pant, Piyushkant Viswas, Diwan Singh Bisht, Bachi Singh Bisht, Mukesh Bahuguna, etc., were present at the meeting.

2 Comments to U’khand Parivartan Abhiyan holds meet in Ramnagar

  1. navin pandey


    Formation of a new forum say a Political Platefarm in Uttrakhand is
    welcome initiative. But the success of such a Political Platefarm will
    depend upon the following up and further polarisation of people in
    the State. Instead of new Political Identities the existing National
    Political Parties may initiate in the state of Uttrakhand high
    lighting the peoples problems. In this regard Bahujan Samaj Party which
    have been a good number of representatives elected to the State
    Assembly may lead the peoples movement to focus on the problems facing
    the State of Uttrakhand.

  2. Prem Arora

    Dear All friends,
    When Uttarakhand Parivartan Party was Established in Gairsain on 18 January 2009, there was
    astonished gathering and mind blowing leaders. after that there was a meeting in Ramnagar
    and recently there was a meeting in Rudrapur distt Udham Singh Nagar on 8 Feburary 2009
    and in this meeting there were president PC Tiwari, Prabhat Dhyani, Prem Arora, Master Pratap
    Singh, and above all there was Balli Singh Cheema who defined the aims of UPP.
    So Uttarakhand Parivartan Party is the necessaity of Uttarakhand.

    with great respect
    Prem Arora