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Nano faces ‘Chipko’ movement


The Telegraph, September 29, 2008

Lucknow, Sept. 28: A group representing farmers is planning a Chipko-like movement against the Uttarakhand government’s invitation to Tata Motors to set up a Nano plant in the state.

The company already runs a plant in Pantnagar, and chief minister B.C. Khanduri has offered it more land should it decide to shift the small-car project from Singur. [more]

The Kisan Kisani Abhiyaan, the group that is opposing the offer, said its protest would be modelled on the Chipko movement of the seventies and eighties when women embraced trees in the hill regions to prevent them from being felled for the construction of a dam. This time, the farmers will live on the land and embrace it. [more]