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Activists call for conservation of Himalayan rivers

Shishir Prashant / Business Standard / New Delhi / Dehra Dun April 10, 2010, 0:13 IST

Opposing big dams, top social activists of Uttarakhand today called for a separate long-term policy for the conservation of Himalayan rivers and greater participation of locals in the development of hydropower projects.

At a two-day conclave here, Chipko leader Sunderlal Bahuguna, social activist Anil P Joshi and others came together and issued 13-point recommendations to the Centre and the state government asking them to ban the construction of big dams which render thousands of people homeless.

Instead of huge reservoirs, they favoured run-of-the-river small projects which affect far less population as compared to big dams having huge reservoirs like the 2,400 Mw Tehri. The locals should also be given greater participation in the development of hydropower projects, they aver. [more]