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Tribune: Down, but in high spirits

A recuperating Girda holds marathon session of poetry recitation

Neena Sharma
Tribune News Service, May 31, 2010

Dehradun, May 30: Frail in body, but not in spirit, people’s poet Girda, though still recuperating from a long spell of illness, held a marathon session of poetry recitation, sometimes singing his own poems and at times evoking the likes of Sahir Ludhianvi, Gulzar and others before him, provoking the consciousness of the audience on issues that have been intrinsically linked to the survival of mankind and nature.

In Doon to participate in a kavya goshti, Girish Tiwari or Girda, as he is popularly called, told The Tribune that he had never carried an intellectual baggage and as a result had never been tempted to commit intellectual hara-kiri. “I sing songs that celebrate rural simplicity of hills and how people go about leading lives untouched by the complexities and power brokering that is done by the rulers while sitting in Delhi and Dehradun,” said Girda. [more]