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Government has failed to learn its lesson

SMA Kazmi
Tribune News Service

As the monsoon rains have brought havoc in Uttarakhand, the most shocking incident was the death of 18 young primary school students who were buried in their classroom when their school was struck by a massive landslides at Sumgarh village of Kapkot tehsil in Bageshwar district. While children older than the victims ran to safety, these tiny tots could not apprehend the danger as stones and boulders started raining on their school located near a hill. Within minutes, they were buried alive.

Such tragedies keep on occurring due to natural disasters in Uttarakhand located in mid-Himalayas, one of the most ecologically fragile areas. The Himalayas itself is one of the youngest and tallest mountains in the world that is still in the making, leading to a lot of tectonic movement. But, the extreme weather conditions play havoc with the life and property of the people living in high mountains. People particularly dread monsoons that brings in heavy rains followed by landslides and cloudbursts. [more]