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Uttarakhand bids adieu to Girda

Tribune News Service
Nainital, August 23

The man of the masses, Girish Tewari, who was fondly known as Girda, was bid adieu by his relatives, friends and followers coming from all across the state and all walks of life this morning. Having lived a selfless life committed to the cause of the people, Girda had breathed his last at the Sushila Tewari Hospital in Haldwani yesterday.

A revolutionary and a rebel that he was, Girda was bid a farewell reserved for the revolutionaries. People from all walks of life accompanied the funeral procession and sang songs that were either written by Girda or were his favourite. As soon as his last journey began from his house in Kailakhan, the air reverberated with his songs that were sung by people with tears in their eyes. The songs were only interrupted with slogans like “Jankavi Girda amar rahe”. The people continued singing his songs all along the 3-km route to the cremation grounds in the Pines area.

The singing hit a crescendo when his pyre was lit by his son Tuhin and his mortal remains were consigned to the flames. The weather too had decided to remain calm during Girda’s last journey and when his friends, relatives and followers bid adieu to him. [more]