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People from Kedarghati region support movement

Editor’s Note: The positions of the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal (P), Uttarakhand Raksha Morcha, Uttarakhand Kranti Manch, and whoever is running under the banner of the Uttarakhand Sanyukt Sangarsh Samiti has demonstrated an callousness to those affected by these hydro dam development projects. It also speaks volumes about their motivations and potential nexus with the various contractor mafias in the state. While the job situation is poor in the hills, this should not mean pitting villages and residents against one another in a lose-lose scenario that destroys the patrimony of the hills.

Hundreds of people from the Kedarghati region of Garhwal came out here today in support of “Save Ganga” agitation started by saints and social activists led by Professor GD Aggarwal and Magsaysay awardee Rajendra Singh. [more]