The Final Transition to Uttarakhand

In August 2006, India’s Union Cabinet gave assent to a longstanding demand of the Uttarakhand movement to revert the name of the new Himalayan state from Uttaranchal to “Uttarakhand.” This decision was made official with the passage and signing into law of the State Alteration of Name Bill in December of the same year. The move was met with widespread celebration and acclaim, as popular elements within the governing administration and outside social movements successfully overcame bureaucratic and political inertia that has stifled the change since its announcement in the governor’s address to the first elected state assembly in 2002.

The “Uttaranchal” anomaly and its unfortunate dissemination in the first six years of existence of Uttarakhand state remains a potent symbol of the arrogance of certain political factions as well the deception and disillusionment of the people that has been written about by many observers. For more on the sordid saga, please see the commentary on the change here as well a collection of articles on Uttaranchal’s sombre inception.

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